Course Description

To create opportunities with your personality I show you the difference between personal branding and personality and why it is that people engage with your authentic personality. I talk about your uniqueness, your difference and greatness as a means of developing self-awareness.

The more virtual our lives get, the more we hunger after something genuine. What people really want now is not just a product or a service, it’s an experience. An experience that is honest and transparent, in fact authentic! Businesses are going to have to keep up with growing consumer authority to survive. In many cases the only way businesses are going to get their information seen is if friends share it, and to achieve this they’ must be convincingly honest, authentic and real. This is also the case if you want to be recommended for that next big opportunity, it is your personality that is the deciding factor.

In fact, approximately 85 percent of your success and happiness will be a result of how well you interact with other people whether off-line or online. Ultimately, it is your personality that determines whether people are attracted to, or shy away from you.

I will demonstrate how Personality creates the blueprint which will guide you in magnetising your Personality. I will show you how you can bring this all together to attract the opportunities you want in your life and business.

Who is this for?

If you have a desire to set yourself apart from everyone else for what you uniquely offer, in a meaningful and memorable way, then this is for you.

If you make a living selling your skills and expertise or serving clients with your skills and expertise you may be employed or self-employed. Then this course is for you.

Strategic Account Sales Speaker Consultant Educator

Janice B Gordon

When I first started in business in over 25 years ago, I had to jump over a lot of hurdles. I had no idea if I would ever be able to have the confidence to follow my own dreams and make them reality. So, I made a lot of mistakes, and learned so much along the way, (you can watch more about my story here) and here I am. Now let me save you the pain of my mistakes, the time not getting traction and trouble of learning the hard way. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you, get to where they want to go by helping them create clarity and focus to get on their personal purposeful path. I have helped generate over £6 million+ sales for my clients in just one year. Author of Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, endorsed by millionaire entrepreneur Lara Morgan. Lara said, “Janice cuts through the clutter and noise with her 'Essential 4Ps', making it easy to create growth in your business and life. This book is a must read.” The ‘Essential 4P's’ is PERSONALITY, PURPOSE, PLEASURE & PROCESS. PS: If you have any questions just give me a shout at

Course curriculum

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    How to Create Opportunities with Your PERSONALITY

    • How to Create Opportunities with Your PERSONALITY: Module One

    • How to Create Opportunities with Your PERSONALITY; Module Two